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Experience what indoor tropical plants can do for your home or office.

Has your office become lackluster? Does it make you long to leave? Look no further than Plantscape’s Indoor Tropical Plant Rentals! These interior plants can drastically improve the atmosphere in your business.

We will provide an all-inclusive plan – from advice to implementation, our team of experts are ready so you can get the most out of your indoors.

For over forty-five years, we have stayed up-to-date on the most recent industry trends and are constantly innovating to best suit the needs of our customers.

indoor plant Services

Organizing your indoor plant rental is easier than you might think. A simple 3-step process will have your indoor environment looking healthy, inviting and improve your indoor air quality.



One of our indoor plant consultants will visit your site obligation-free, to understand your design goals as well as assess the ambience, lighting, and overall space of your office. We can assist with design or collaborate with your architect or designer to achieve a beautiful indoor plantscape.

After a consultation, we will prepare a proposal based on your requirements. We can provide suitable options with plant, pot and/or green wall selection to meet your budget and design brief. We will ensure to deliver a cost-effective indoor plant rental solution for your business.



With thorough preparation, we will provide an efficient, fuss-free indoor plant installation with great attention to detail. Our team will transform your office with healthy, stunning indoor plants.



Our fully trained and qualified indoor plant maintenance team will ensure your plants and pots are always looking their best. Our service includes watering, cleaning, fertilizing, removal of unhealthy foliage, control of insects and diseases. Free plant replacement is also included when required.

Your office plant rental will not only deliver the wow factor with stunning indoor plants and stylish pots, but will also clean the air you breathe and improve productivity by up to 12%.

What is plantscaping?

Plantscaping is the well-thought-out positioning of plants within an indoor environment. When it is performed correctly, plantscaping can provide wonderful visual charm to any indoor space.
Adding plants to any space has been found to have several benefits, as evidenced by recent studies. It has been seen to promote employee productivity, freshen the air and improve people's well-being, and even reduce stress levels and instances of absenteeism.

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