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commercial Hardscaping

Plantscape offers the best materials, craftsmanship, experience and customer service.

Hardscape defines beauty, elegance and durability for patios, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, pool decks and much more. Plantscape can customize and create exquisite and unique hardscaping designs to suit your needs.

curbing & edging

curbing & edging

Curbing and edging with a hardscape product can add curb appeal to your driveway and landscape beds. Curbing and edging can help keep the mulch in and the grass out. Choose from natural colours to fit your home for a traditional look or add a more modern touch to your home’s exterior by opting for sharper lines and contrasting colours.

retaining walls

Retaining Walls

If what you are looking for is depth and dimension we recommend the use of retaining walls. Retaining walls are used to build and frame raised patios and stairways, construct pillars, support garden beds and act as a retention system against land erosion. Many styles, colours, textures and designs are available to ensure your outdoor design is functional and aesthetically pleasing.



Whether you dream of a subtle winding outdoor stairway, or maybe you need a few steps to connect the different levels in your yard; Plantscape can help design and build a solution to meet your needs.

interlock repairs

interlock repairs

Does your interlock patio or driveway need repair? Properly constructed patios and driveways are truly all about the base. What depth of base materials is necessary?

There is no absolute rule to determine how required depth, however recommendations vary by use. The guidelines are 4 to 6 inches for pedestrian walkways and 8 to 12 inches for driveways. Local soil conditions also impact depth needs. Generally, clay bases need to be dug deeper to facilitate drainage.

Contrary to popular belief not all bricks are created equal. There are specific pavers that are designed to withstand the weight of a vehicle, some are salt-resistant but when you are looking at a repair it is all about the base. The stronger the base, the longer your interlock area will last.

fire features

fire features

Fire features create warmth in your backyard for you and your loved ones to enjoy year-round. This perfect gathering point will not only draw the whole family together but inevitably extend your seasons. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows by the fire and looking up at the stars on a cool summer night or escaping the cold by warming up on a crisp winter’s eve, you’ll be glad you invested in such a practical feature.


We build designs that last and we stand behind our work with our customized Outdoor Landscaping Warranty Program. Our professionals are committed to supporting our customers even after the last flower is planted. The Plantscape warranty program covers our customers for one growing year and beyond ensuring plants that aren’t doing well are replaced.

Warranty packages are customized to meet your needs and price point.

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By hiring professionals that stand behind their craft and workmanship. Choose, a company with over 40 years experience!

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