A paved pathway with hexagonal tiles leads through a vibrant green grass lawn, bathed in sunlight, with shadows cast by an unseen object.
A cozy backyard with a garden shed, stepping stones, plants, and a pumpkin accentuating a neatly landscaped area with a white fence backdrop.
A tranquil scene with a lush green grassy field under a bright blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. No people or animals visible.
The image shows a vibrant outdoor setting with a fountain, manicured hedges, and a variety of buildings under a clear blue sky.
The image is a blue and white logo for "Alliance Outdoor Lighting" featuring text and a stylized icon that implies beams of light or connectivity.
This is a black and white logo for Connon Nurseries, featuring stylized tree and text, with "Since 1906" indicating a long-standing business history.
The image displays the word "LINZEL" in bold, uppercase black letters with three stylized waves beneath the text on a white background.
The image features the word "PERMACON" in bold black capital letters with a stylized red accent above the letter 'E' on a white background.
This is a logo for "SANTERRA STONECRAFT," featuring stylized text and an emblem with a compass-like design above the name, suggesting navigation or precision.
The image displays a logo with a green graphic symbolizing grass, next to the text "SYNLAWN®" in black, followed by the slogan "artificial grass never looked more natural."
This is a logo featuring the name "Vanden Bussche Irrigation" with a stylized, swooping blue and green design element, indicating motion or water flow, established in 1954.

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A birch tree stands in a manicured garden with green artificial grass, surrounded by colorful shrubs, white rocks, and a white picket fence.