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Snow removal

We provide 24 hr, bonded and insured commercial
snow removal services

Windsor snow and ice are no match for our team of experienced snow-removal experts!

Plantscape Windsor Inc offers reliable, 24 hour commercial snow removal services. As a member of S.I.M.A. (Snow and Ice Management Association) our experienced employees are kept up to date on regulations and able to implement the latest tools and technologies.


We have a fleet of commercial heavy-duty trucks equipped with large plows


Our Bobcats make quick work of sidewalks and pathways


We have tri-axel dump trucks to haul your snow off-site

We are smart salt certified and aim to reduce the impact of salt on the environment and your property. One way we achieve this is by using liquid brine as both a de-icing pretreatment and in conjunction with salt.

Interested in a career in snow removal?

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